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Job Title : Marketing Communications Manager
Job Department : Sales & Marketing
Property : Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain
Location : China
Language : English, Mandarin
Type : Full Time
Scope of Work : *Develops a public relations programme for the hotel based on its marketing goals. Liaises with Marketing in targeting specific markets and developing the public relations strategies to reach these markets
依照酒店的市场目标开展公关活动,与市场部门联系,确定具体目标市场并通过公关策略打 入这些市场。
* Develops media contacts, plans press conferences and other press activities. Acts as hotel’s liaison with media to promote good publicity and counteract bad publicity.
与媒体人士联系,策划新闻发布会以及其它新闻活动。代表酒店与媒体联系,以促进良好的 公关形象,抵销一切不良影响。
* Develops and organizes promotional activities, coordinates with departments concerned; invites VIPs and media to promotional activities; prepares and issues press releases 开发和组织促销活动,与相关部门协调,邀请嘉宾和媒体参与促销活动,准备并进行新闻发 布。
* Establishes sales leads from the study of magazines, newspapers and form personal contacts; coordinates sales leads with Banqueting and Sales Departments
* Disseminates corporate press releases to appropriate local trade and consumer media
* Establishes a programme for sending promotional news to trade publications on a regular basis releases covering special events, promotions, etc. 建立向行业出版物定期发送促销新闻的机制,新闻内容包括特别活动和促销活动等。
* Prepares promotional press releases on personalities among guests and employees of the hotel and on newsworthy events in the hotel
* Provides information to other departments on activities within and outside the hotel which may be useful when dealing with guests
* Accepts clients and media complaints, requests, and inquiries and coordinates handling with departments concerned
* Coordinates all activities with the Sales Manager
* Maintains good public relations by extending personalized service to VIPs. e.g. following up on reservations for VIPs, assisting in greeting VIPs and groups upon their arrival, sending welcome letter to VIP guests
通过向贵宾提供人性化的服务保持良好的公共关系。例如,为贵宾的预订提供后续服务,在 贵宾及其随行人员到酒店时协助欢迎活动,向贵宾赠送欢迎信。
*Coordinates guest lists and invitations for VIP receptions, luncheons, dinners, etc.
* Maintains clipping files pertaining to the hotel(s) based on daily perusal of the media and provides same to General Manager, other departments, other hotels, corporate public relations, as appropriate
每日浏览媒体并保留与酒店相关的新闻剪辑,并视情将其呈送至总经理、其它部门、其它酒 店和公关部门。
* Maintains mailing list/contact file 保管邮寄名单和联络档案。
* Maintains hotel photo file 保管酒店照片档案。
* Liaises with Human Resource Manager on matters affecting corporate image 与人力资源经理就影响公司形象的相关事宜进行联系。
* Develop hotel gifts and giveaways 准备酒店礼品和赠品。
* Builds profile within local market place through attendance at various events and local market place
* Co-ordinates hotel photography when required 如有需要,协调酒店的摄影活动。
* Monitors awareness of competitor activities and use information when developing strategies 观察竞争对手的活动并利用此类信息发展战略。
* Plans and coordinates sponsorship activities 策划和协调赞助活动。
* Works with superior on manpower planning and management needs 和上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求
* Works with superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget 和上级领导一起进行编制和管理部门预算。
Qualification : *Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 具有代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力
* Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
* Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office
* Good writing skills
* Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications or related field.
*2 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.
2 年相关工作经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景
*Knowledge in Travel Industry
*Ability and understanding of the market trends
*Knowledge in Printing and Press
* Excellent spoken and written communication skills in both English and Mandarin are a must
*Ability to work independently and long hours
*Willing to travel
*Committed to organization
Accommodation Provided : No
Benefit : Benefits will be discussed during the interview process.
Job Code : Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain
HR Contact : Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain